A Warm Welcome to Gwenno Dafydd from Cardiff Wales

Welcome to my newest client, Gwenno Dafydd. We’ve been corresponding for over a year now, so I really don’t feel like Gwenno is new to the agency, but she’s now finished her non-fiction book titled Grab ’em by the Goolies – the definitive book about female stand-up comics in the English speaking world – and it’s ready for submission.

Gwenno has been a professional broadcaster, singer and actress since 1980, working in film, television, radio, theatre, caberet and Theatre in Education. She is regular contributor with Radio Cymru and BBC Radio Wales.

Gwenno has written 150 lyrics both in Welsh and English, including the new Saint David’s Day Song — a Welsh anthem.

The material for the book is the result of fifteen years of research. Gwenno has interviewed over twenty-six comics working in Britain and internationally including Joan Rivers, Jo Brand, the Demon Dinner Lady in “Horrid Henry — The Movie”, and Jenny Eclair, fresh from “Vagina Monologues”.

Grab ’em by the Goolies will challenge and dispel the myth that women are not funny, show why it has been difficult for women to succeed in this medium, celebrate and document some of those women who have succeeded, expose the differences in women’s sense of humor and show how women make people laugh in a different WAY to men.

Please visit Gwenno’s website to learn more about the Welshiest Woman in Wales.



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