Welcome New Client: Lisa Hobman

Lisa Hobman, born 1972 in Yorkshire, England is a bestselling contemporary romance author based in Scotland.

Throughout her adult life Lisa has worked in administration, assisted the running of a Homeless Charity and spent time working as a singer. But after relocating with her family to Southern Scotland in 2012 she began to write her Scotland based debut novel Bridge Over the Atlantic (published 2013). In 2014 the novel was shortlisted in the Contemporary Romance category of the Romantic Novelists Association RoNAs. This meant a trip to London for an awards ceremony where she had the opportunity to meet some of her favourite authors—some of whom were also shortlisted in the same category.

Three years after beginning her writing career, Lisa now has a total of seven contemporary romance novels published—several of which have become bestsellers on Amazon, iTunes and Barnes & Noble—and one erotic romance under the pen name Lissa Jay. Her erotic debut, Bad Company also hit the best selling eBook charts in the US and the UK on Amazon and iTunes.

Her most recent novel, Hydde, is currently being submitted via Trace Literary Agency.

Hydde, set in Edinburgh, is based on the story of lawyer Fin Hunter.  Fin’s life has been mapped out for him by his controlling parents.  After trying to meet his father’s expectations and failing miserably; from his career in the family law firm, to where he lives, and even down to the woman he is about to marry, nothing has been his decision. His real passions are music and singing, and law that helps the almost helpless, not the cut throat business of his father’s firm.

At the age of 27 he finds himself jilted at the alter by the woman his parents desperately wanted him to marry.  But they blame him and he is quickly disowned for his failure to “seal the deal” with the daughter of his father’s law firm partner. 

Fired by his father and out on his own without financial backing he starts a new life. His love of music and singing keep him going until he meets Star Mendoza on an alcohol fuelled night in a rock karaoke bar. Star is a colorful, intriguing American girl living in Edinburgh, and Fin can’t help but think she looks familiar. Little does he know that she used to serve him coffee every morning where she worked and worshipped him from afar.

Fin becomes a kind of Jekyll and Hyde character, transforming into a natural performer on stage but appearing like a deer in headlights as soon as the spotlight is extinguished. Star is fascinated by him and his almost split personality.

To his utter shock he discovers that Star is the photographer whose art work he has loved and collected for years. When Star is offered an exhibition at a prestigious gallery and Fin is offered the role of lead singer with a local band, Hydde, they encourage each other to step out of their respective comfort zones.  With her encouragement he begins to find his true self and falls in love.  Until his parents discover that he is in a relationship with the pink haired, tattooed “freak” and they begin their interference all over again.

Can Star be all he needs or will his old life and his meddling family suck him back into their control?

To learn more about Lisa please visit her website: http://www.lisajhobman.co.uk

and Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/LisaJHobmanAuthor

Lisa Hobman

Lisa Hobma

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