Maria Duffy’s FALLING SOFTY published in the US!!

I’m thrilled to announce that Maria Duffy’s novel, FALLING SOFTLY, has just been published here in the US. And I’ve just received copies from Skyhorse Publishers. And isn’t this just a gorgeous cover!

“Holly Russo couldn’t be happier.

Christmas, her favorite time of year, is only seven weeks away, and her boyfriend has just popped the question. David is steady and reliable, and Holly knows he’ll give her a wonderful life. The kind of life she’s always wanted. Then her new neighbor moves in.

Josh O’Toole is also approaching the festive season with joy. He loves his teaching job. He’s about to have a baby with his adored girlfriend, Stephanie, and they’ve just moved into a new home to begin their life as a family.

But as Josh and Stephanie settle into their new house across the road from Holly and David’s, things begin to get complicated and soon the Christmas gifts aren’t the only things that have to be kept under wrap this holiday season.

FALLING SOFTLY is a sparkling, heartwarming story about first love and how life has a habit of turning out the way we least expect it to.

There’s still plenty of time to pick up a copy for those on your Christmas list.

You can find it on Amazon or pick up a copy at fine book store and Sam’s Club!


Book Trailer : Pilgrim by Louise Hall. Published by Mercier Press.

Have a look at this lovely book trailer for PILGRIM by Louise Hall and published by Mercier Press. This is one book you won’t want to miss out on. Enjoy!

Louise Hall

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Sharon Thompson signs another book deal with Bloodhound Books

Congratulations to Sharon Thompson!  She has just signed another book deal with Bloodhound Books – a leading independent publisher of crime fiction based in the UK.

Her debut crime novel The Abandoned, also published by Bloodhound, launched as a Number 1 Best-seller on Amazon Kindle in January of this year. Her second novel, The Healer, will be published a year later, in January 2019.

On pre-order Kindle sale, The Abandoned, dominated the Irish crime category and was a #1 best seller.  Available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon, this gritty crime novel was also made into an audio book.

The Healer takes one of the characters from The Abandoned, Molly McCarthy, and tells her story. Molly is a child in 1940s Ireland with the ability to see her guardian angels, and has gifts as a healer. However, she has learning difficulties and is feared as a ‘half-wit’ by her family and Sligo community.

Conflict and abuse follow Molly. Her mother, Nancy, resents her gifts and also the stigma of having an unusual child. Molly’s father Michael, and his brother Vincent, sexually abuse Molly. She finds it difficult to express herself, but she does have silent insights into the world around her.

Following Molly’s life, The Healer explores one little girl’s journey through the darkness around her. Will she listen to her guardian angels? Can she heal herself and find a safe home? Will she find love and survive a world of crime, immigration and violence? Will The Healer ever be healed?

Book blogger Linda Green adds, “From the talented writer of The Abandoned, comes the harrowing tale of a woman who will not be kept down no matter what. The Healer will haunt your dreams, make you uncomfortable, and have you fighting alongside Molly for the life that she truly deserves. A truly powerful story in every sense of the word by a writer that knows how to make a reader feel every emotion on the page”.

Sharon Thompson lives in Donegal, Ireland.

Sharon writes crime fiction, short stories and commercial fiction. Her short stories have been published in various on-line magazines. She is a regular contributor to Donegal Woman with her Woman’s Words column. features her short-list of Irish, monthly, book releases at #indulgeinbooks. Sharon also co-founded a trending, writing tweet-chat, called #WritersWise. is her new online writing group.

Congratulations Sharon.  Looking forward to the launch of The Healer!!

Happy Publication Day to Dr. Ian Hughes and Disordered Minds

I’m very happy to announce that it’s publication day for Disordered Minds: How Dangerous Personalities Are Destroying Democracy by Dr. Ian Hughes – published by Zero Books.  

A compelling account of the dangers posed by narcissistic leaders and why their rise to power has become the hallmark of our age.

Ian’s credentials for writing this book are his background as a scientist, his postgraduate training in psychoanalysis, and his experience as a government policy advisor in science and technology policy for the Irish government. Ian has a record of scientific and popular publication, and has been lead author on a previous book – Power to the People: Assessing Democracy in Ireland’ (New Island Books, Dublin 2007).

Ian’s motivation for writing the book stems largely from his experience growing up in Northern Ireland during ‘the Troubles’ there, when he saw very clearly how a society can spiral into conflict when democracy fails, and how a minority can emerge, once the violence starts, who gain positions of power simply because of their propensity for ruthlessness.

Ian’s writing has appeared on and His blog,, has been shortlisted in the top ten political blogs in Ireland in 2013, 2014 and 2016, and he has over 10,000 followers on Twitter @disorderedworld. He has been published in the Village Magazine (Ireland) and online with Psychology Today.

People are already talking about Disordered Minds. Take a look at these reviews ranging from top professors to radio personalities to the former president of Ireland!

“Ian Hughes adds new scientific insight to one of the deepest conundrums of politics: that positions of power appeal to the narcissistic, paranoid psychopaths among us, with catastrophic results for humanity. His argument that human institutions, particularly liberal democracy, are needed to constrain the worst of human nature, is profound and (needless to say) timely. Disordered Minds is sometimes disturbing, but it is consistently fascinating, and ultimately constructive and hopeful.” ~ Steven Pinker , Johnstone Professor of Psychology, Harvard University, and the author of The Better Angels of Our Nature and Enlightenment Now.

“However they are formed, our world produces them – the psychopaths and those with narcissistic or paranoid personality disorders. You have met them, worked with them, maybe even lived with them or been victimized by them and you know just how bafflingly plausible they can be and how disastrously evil. Disordered Minds introduces us to the vast wastelands they are capable of creating when you and I, our neighbors, friends, families and colleagues fail to see just how dangerous they are, when we fail to underpin our democracies with the infrastructures capable of withstanding the onslaught of the deceptively charismatic lunatic leader. Read this exceptionally fine and accessible work of scholarship and make it your business to keep their disordered minds from disordering our universe.” ~ Mary McAleese, Former President of Ireland, Personal email

“This brilliant book, pulls together a big picture like no other books on psychopaths and politics I’ve seen. Further, it addresses, like no other book I’ve found, the damage that is caused when what Hughes calls “the toxic Triangle” enables psychopaths to gain power at a national level. This is a book that legislators and leaders should read.” ~ Rob Kall, Founder of OpEdNews, host of the Bottom Up Radio Show and author of Bottom Up: The Connection Revolution

“An excellent account of how malignant narcissism is evident in the lives of the great dictators, and how the conditions in which this psychopathy flourishes have returned to haunt us. Disordered Minds serves as a clear warning that tyrants such as Hitler, Stalin and Mao should not be seen simply as historical figures, but rather as dangerous contemporaries, as modern people, closer to us than we might like to think, who can tell us something vital about our dangerous present and our uncertain future.” ~ Dr Kieran Keohane, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University College Cork and editor of The Social Pathologies of Contemporary Civilization, Peer review of manuscript

“Ian Hughes’ fascinating book makes us reflect on the importance of electing leaders who are not just inspiring and effective but have a balanced personality. He has convinced me that every potential leader will one day have to publish not only their manifesto but also their psychological profile.” ~ Graham Farmelo, Costa Book Award Winner, LA Times Book Prizes Winner and author of Churchill’s Bomb: A Hidden Story of Science, Politics and War, and

“As one of the most impressive and respected multidisciplinary scientists today, Ian Hughes in Disordered Minds gives a compelling and timely account of the dangers posed by psychologically dangerous leaders and provides a stark warning that the conditions in which this psychopathy flourishes – extremes of social inequality and a culture of hyper-individualism – are very much the hallmarks of our present age. A must read!” ~ Professor Frederick M. Burkle, Jr, MD, Senior Fellow & Scientist, Harvard University

Congratulations Ian!!


Nicola Cassidy signs 3 book deal with Poolbeg Press

After the release of her first book, December Girl, (Bombshell Books, October 2017), it is with great pleasure that I am able to announce Nicola Cassidy has signed a three book deal with Poolbeg Press in Ireland.  Thanks to the lovely Paula Campbell for making this happen.

The Nanny at No. 43 will be the first to be published and is scheduled for release in late June 2019.

Wanted, a respectable woman to care for a motherless child. Widower William D. Thomas gets more than he bargained for when a mysterious woman responds to an advert to care for his newborn baby in Drogheda, 1880. As the bodies of twin babies are discovered buried in a back garden in Dublin, a woman hunt begins for one of Ireland’s most poisonous child killers”.

Nicola (Nicci) Cassidy is a writer and blogger from Co. Louth Ireland. She studied journalism at Dublin City University and worked in political PR before turning to a career in marketing.  While working in Dublin, Nicci took a number of advanced writing courses at the Irish Writers’ Centre, and later started a lifestyle, parenting and literary blog,  She now writes full time.

In addition to signing the three book deal, Nicci has been selected as a finalist for the Irish Blog awards and is doing a spoken word support slot to an Irish artist in November.
To learn more about Nicci, here is a link to an article that was written about her last year when her debut novel was released.
Congratulations Nicci!!

Happy Publication Day to Lisa Hobman

Huge congratulations goes out today to Lisa Hobman on the publication of her newest book, WHAT BECOMES OF THE BROKEN HEARTED published by Aria Fiction.

Cassie Montgomery can remember a time where her life seemed pretty perfect. By day she was setting up her own little business in her sleek penthouse apartment, and by night sleeping on gazillion-count Egyptian cotton sheets next to her fiancée, once reputed to be Glasgow’s most eligible bachelor.

And yet one ordinary, fateful day, Cassie uncovers a secret that shatters her heart into tiny pieces, and changes her life forever…

Escaping to a rural and idyllic coastal village, Cassie finds a cottage that, from the moment she steps through the rose-surrounded door, feels instantly like home. And then there’s Mac, the cool surf teacher, who makes her question what really makes her happy – and makes her wonder if maybe, she might already have found the answer…

Congratulations Lisa and Happy Pub Day!!

German Translation Rights for Maria Duffy’s FALLING SOFTLY bought by Weltbild

Congratulations to Irish author Maria Duffy. German publisher, Weltbild, has just offered to publish her novel FALLING SOFTLY.

Publication date is scheduled for October 2019.

In addition, Skyhorse Publishing in NYC will publish FALLING SOFTLY this November.  More details to come….

Well done Maria!